UKIP MEPs celebrate as EU Federalist Guy Verhofstadt accepts Brexit debate challenge

Published Jan 20, 2016

UKIP MEPs cheered enthusiastically when the EU's chief Federalist ideologue MEP Guy Verhofstadt agreed to come to Britain to debate. Answering the invitation of UKIP London MEP Gerard Batten, the leader of the Liberal ALDE Group said he would come to the UK to debate the topic.

Speaking to Guy Verhofstadt, UKIP MEP Gerard Batten said, "Mr Verhofstadt, you and I come from completely different points of view, but I always enjoy listening to you and I always respect what you say because in what you say there is a very clear, honest and logical policy, it just happens to be totally different from what I believe in.
"You actually do believe in closer integration, politically and economically, you know what the real meaning of ever closer union of the peoples of Europe and I respect that. The people I don't respect are the people on my own side who don't pretend to know what it means or indeed it isn't happening. May I ask you a question and extend you an invitation; when we have our referendum in Britain will you please come and argue for the "stay in" side so we can have an absolutely honest and clear debate? "
In response Mr Verhofstadt replied: "I accept the invitation. I think that the person who is laughing is Mr Farage, he likes that we have a debate about it. But you have to go further into your reasoning, how should be the state of the British economy without the internal market, what should be the fate of the City of London if they can no longer trade in euros when 70 or 80 percent of all the trading done in the City of London is done in euros. I think that Britain has to remain in Europe and is completely crazy to think it can go back in history and to do it on your own. That is not working in the globalised world of tomorrow. "
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