UKIP MEPs elect Roger Helmer MEP as new delegation leader



East Midlands MEP Roger Helmer has this evening been voted Head of Delegation of the UKIP MEPs.

Addressing the other 23 UKIP MEPs after the vote Roger Helmer said, “I am delighted to be invited to lead the UK’s largest MEP delegation. We will focus on the vital task of restoring independence, freedom and democracy to our country.”

He told the gathered UKIP MEPs – “We will remind those in the Brussels bubble that the British people do not agree with what they are doing.

“We can ride shotgun on the legislation that goes through the European Parliament and resist it as best we can.

The most important task we can do as UKIP MEPs is to make the case of British independence, to tell people about the benefits of that independence, and we can do that best by engaging here, understanding what is going on, seeing the damage that is caused by EU hyper-regulation and utilise our position here to promote the drive for freedom and exit from political union at home.

“As a party, I think we have done that with enormous success of the past years. Twenty years after the formation of UKIP, leaving the EU is now openly and generally discussed as a realistic possibility in the British media and among the general public. A large part of the credit for this vast change goes to this party.”

Former UKIP delegation leader and UKIP Party leader, Nigel Farage said:

“I wish Roger all the very best in his important task, and I am sure with his experience and abilities he shall do the party and our members proud.

I shall concentrate my energies as Group President in the European Parliament and as Leader of UKIP in the UK. I look forward to working with Roger as we work for our freedom from political union.”

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