UKIP MEPS withdraw from Russian Presidential Election Scrutiny

Published Mar 15, 2018

Three UKIP MEPs were due to travel to Russia today as part of a long standing European Parliamentary delegation to scrutinise the Russian Presidential Election process. 

UKIP Interim Leader, Gerard Batten, made the decision today that it would not appropriate for UKIP MEPs to take part in this delegation.

Gerard Batten said, "After the poisoning of Sergei Scripal, his daughter and a British police officer in Salisbury recently, in which the Her Majesty's Government believe the Russian state was implicated, it would be entirely inappropriate for UKIP to be part of this delegation, and I therefore decided to cancel it.  

"The MEPs in question were completely in agreement with my decision.  It would entirely wrong for any UK political party's MEPs to take part and I hope that they follow the UKIP example."

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