UKIP: Migration figures show WHY Tories haemorrhaging support to UKIP


SteveWoolfe.jpgSteven Woolfe, UKIP Migration spokesman, attacks Conservatives for 'lying to electorate' on promises to cut migration, adding that 'it is no wonder their own MPs are losing faith in them and they are haemorrhaging support to UKIP.'

"These shocking figures today show that the Government does not have a handle on immigration. The Conservative Party promised to cut net migration to tens of thousands and yet it has shot up by a staggering 68,000 in just one year. It is quite simple. They lie to the electorate. They lie to try to keep votes. Well they are being found out.


"They do not keep their promises on migration, they do not keep their promises on having a referendum and they will not keep their promises on Europe. It is no wonder their own MPs are losing faith and they are haemorraghing support to UKIP.

"The situation is uncontrollable and unsustainable. Mass migration at this level puts such immense strain on our already stretched public services. The coalition government is dancing around the issue. It is clear that Britain now is ready for a fair, global looking and ethical migration policy, to sustain our public services for generations to come, and UKIP are the only party to deliver that."

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