UKIP Migration Spokesman hits out at "cynical and vacuous" Cameron


SteveWoolfe.jpgUKIP's Migration Spokesman Steven Woolfe has responded to an article from the Prime Minister today by branding the government's immigration approach as "cynical and vacuous".

Steven Woolfe said: "Once again we have David Cameron attempting to sound tough on immigration. It is nothing more than a cynical and vacuous attempt to fool the British public.

"Cameron says nobody can be entitled to something for nothing - yet he still wants migrants to be able to claim benefits for three months having contributed nothing. This is the same government which currently hands out £1.7 million per month to migrant families for free social housing and cannot stop migration from any country inside or joining in the future.

"This is also the same government and same Prime Minister who pledged to bring net migration down to the tens of thousands - but has instead overseen hundreds of thousands net per year continue to flood into an increasingly crowded Britain.

"Britain is crying out for an Australian-style points system for migration, so that we can judge potential migrants from all over the world on the same basis: whether they can make a positive contribution to life in our already-overcrowded country.

"We will never be able to introduce such a system while we are locked in the EU and that is why people are increasingly judging that UKIP is the only party with a credible and laudible immigration policy.

"As long as we remain inside the European Union, EU law states that all citizens must have equal access to welfare and benefits. There is therefore an issue of legality here too."​

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