UKIP Migration Spokesman's 5 point plan for dealing with the crisis at Calais

Published Jul 29, 2015

Steven_in_Calais.PNGThe situation in Calais is becoming graver by the day. With 1,500 Migrants charging the Eurotunnel last night, the escalation of the problem is now visible for all to see. Steven Woolfe as UKIP’s Migration spokesman and the first politician to visit to Calais Migrant camps in December 2014 and June 2015 and warned of the vast numbers arriving in the camps each day and of the problems we now face. As David Cameron meets with COBRA today, Steven Woolfe has the following policy suggestions that Cameron should implement:

1) The UK should deploy British troops to treble border staff in Calais with authority to detect illegal migrants entering the UK and to protect British holiday makers and truckers.

2) Demand that the French authorities deploy their own troops to Calais to support the under resourced French authorities and security force.

3) UK ports such as Little Haven and other smaller ports in the UK should prepare to filter traffic to La Havre, Dieppe and Ostend.

4) We should plan to take any illegal migrants found in the UK back into France, just as the French authorities are doing on the French/Italian border.

5) If the French fail to protect the border, our truckers and holiday makers, we should close Calais. This should focus French minds and would be reopened when the situation is eased and safety concerns are addressed.

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