UKIP Migration spokesman Steven Woolfe responds to UCL report


StevenWoolfe.jpegUKIP's Migration spokesman Steven Woolfe MEP: "UCL's study covers only a narrow part of the UK migration policy debate. The principal issue for UKIP has never been about whether immigrants are all 'benefit scroungers'. We recognise that immigration can be economically advantageous for the UK. That's why we are the only major political party proposing a points based immigration system that will accentuate the benefits to Britain while reducing any negative impact.

"What this study doesn't do is to show what wealth our own people could have generated if they weren't ‎subjected to wage-reducing, employment-displacing mass immigration from the EU. Nor does it truly take into account the opportunity costs to the UK of substituting large sections of Britain's workforce with migrant labour. If successive governments had spent as much time developing policies which reduced the growth of the UK's economic underclass as they did kowtowing to Europe, immigration would not be the number one issue on today's political agenda.

"I am also very alarmed how the methodology of the report pits migrants from the EU against immigrants from the wider world. I fundamentally disagree with the discrimination of our current system which favours Europeans at the expense of people from the Commonwealth and the rest of the globe. It shouldn't matter which country you are from when applying for a visa. A fair and ethical immigration policy should be based on merit and need.

​"Perhaps the UCL team can turn to this area of policy as the topic of their next academic study."

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