UKIP mocks the arrogance of David Cameron's absurd "come home" message to our supporters

Published Apr 07, 2015

PatrickOflynn.jpgDavid Cameron has appealed to UKIP supporters to "come home" to the Tories to help stop a Labour government. In response UKIP's Patrick O'Flynn said: "It was David Cameron who called UKIP voters "fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists mostly". He has never fully apologised for or retracted that disgraceful slur.

"For the most part Cameron and his party are just one head of a multi-headed hydra, the LibLabCon. UKIP supporters oppose the LibLabCon on a whole range of policies from the overarching issue of EU membership, to open-door immigration, foreign aid giveaways, defence cuts, the ban on new grammar schools, the Climate Change Act that puts up our energy bills, Inheritance Tax, the HS2 vanity project and the Barnett Formula excess spending in Scotland.

"On every one of these key issues the whole LibLabCon thinks one thing while UKIP offers a different choice. UKIP voters hail from many different political backgrounds and also include lots of people who have not voted at all for 20 years or more. They do not view any of the establishment political parties as their "home" and it is typical arrogance from Cameron to claim that they do."

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