UKIP Northern Ireland Leader welcomes Lord Trimble’s support for Brexit

Published Mar 26, 2016

image_(3).jpegDavid McNarry MLA, UKIP’s Northern Ireland Leader, has welcomed Lord Trimble’s support for Brexit saying, "The support of former First Minister, UUP Leader and Nobel Laureate, Lord Trimble, for Brexit shows that the tide of logic and practical economics is winning the argument.

"This comes hard on the heels of 250 leading business leaders supporting the campaign to leave the EU which makes a nonsense of the misinformed comments of the CBI.

"The scaremongering by ‘better-off-in’ Yes men and Yes Women is not fooling thinking people. Voters are looking for informed arguments based on facts and reason to help them make up their minds and they are only getting this from the Brexit campaign. All they are getting from the ‘better-off-in’ brigade are discredited scare stories, increasingly wild and frankly laughable assertions. ‘Better-off-in’s’ scary fairy stories are better suited to the Brothers Grimm than the real world.

"Brexit’s campaign is based on sound fact and argument and is backed by major players like former First Minister Lord Trimble and former Chancellor Lord Lawson.”

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