UKIP Northern Ireland welcomes Cllr Anderson

Published Sep 24, 2015

DonnaAndersonlaunch.jpgUKIP Northern Ireland is delighted to announce that Ballymena Councillor Donna Anderson has left the Traditional Unionist Voice, TUV and joined UKIP.

Cllr Anderson joins a growing band of UKIP councillors in Northern Ireland and builds on UKIP’s success in the recent general Election. She was welcomed into the fold today at Stormont by the UKIP Party Leader in Northern Ireland, David McNarry MLA.

David McNarry said: "I am delighted to welcome Councillor Donna Anderson to UKIP serving Mid & East Antrim Borough Council. Donna is committed and dedicated to her community and her country. A real people person who will fit well into the united UKIP team which is growing its connection with people across Northern Ireland.

"The Electorate of Ballymena DEA can be assured of both Councillor Donna Anderson and UKIPs continued support.

"This means that with Councillor Donna Anderson and Councillor Noel Jordan UKIP have a double impact on Mid and East Antrim Council."

Councillor Anderson said: "I am delighted to be joining the emerging and growing UKIP team in Northern Ireland as another Councillor on the Mid & East Antrim Borough Council joining my colleague Cllr Noel Jordan.

"I am committed to representing my electorate in Ballymena and assure every one of my continued dedication and hard work. Nothing changes in that regard. I am proud of the people I represent and proud to join UKIP today."

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