UKIP on the rise in Local Government

Published Jan 28, 2016

councilAsso.pngUKIP is a growing force in Local Government across the Country as our 500 Councillors are taking a bigger and more active role, and these three stories below are just some of the activities being undertaken by UKIP Councillors across the UK.

We are fighting against the Conservative Group on Cambridgeshire County Council who are attempting to increase Council tax. Group Leader, Cllr Paul Bullen said it is "unfair and an unnecessary additional financial burden on the majority of council tax payers.” 

In Havering, the Council, voting on a motion from UKIP Group Leader Cllr Lawrence Webb, became the first Council in the country to vote to support leaving the EU. The motion from Cllr Webb read: “Due to the negative impact that EU directives such as the agency working time directive and EU procurement rules have on the ability and cost of Havering Council to fulfil its obligations, this council agrees that Britain would be better off outside the European Union.” Havering Council decided by 30 votes to 15 to support the motion declaring the UK would be better off outside the EU

And in Norfolk a hard-working UKIP Councillor was so busy attending meetings that his family reported him missing to police. Denis Crawford, who serves on Norfolk County, Breckland District Council and Thetford Town Council, had been reported missing by his family after leaving home at 7am on Monday. He arrived back at his house at 10pm only to set off again at 7am the following morning. Little did he know that his daughter had been trying to track him down and eventually grew so concerned she contacted police. 


UKIP's Local Government Spokesman, Peter Reeve said: "UKIP proves it is the hardest working group of Councillors dedicated to their local communities and doing what is right for their country. Our Councillors tend to be a breath of fresh air in the Council Chamber and bring a desperately needed injection of common sense to local politics."

David Sprason, Chairman of the UKIP Councillors Association added, "Leaving the EU would enable councils to adequately fund much needed local services like adult social care. Havering Council UKIP group have highlighted the impact of the EU commission decisions that add costs to local council services. The EU directives add millions of pounds to councils budgets these include the working times directive, procurement rules and the waste directive that fines councils for doing its job.

"It is also right that UKIP Councillors are pushing to have a freeze on council tax with Cambridgeshire leading the way. The Tory government has abandoned local services with their massive cuts in this years revenue support grant settlement. It is shifting tax rises on to local authorities UKIP Councillors will oppose and highlight this cynical shift and push to protect hard working local taxpayers".

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