UKIP opposes any retrospective taxation on business

Published Sep 10, 2017

Letters sent out to thousands of small businesses demanding back dated taxes by the Valuation Office Agency have been attacked by UKIP.

Ernie Warrender, UKIP's Small Business spokesman said, "UKIP has added its weight to the welcome cross party review of the pernicious application of the retrospective "staircase tax" on many small businesses in England, back to 2015 and potentially 2010 in Wales.

"This is utterly unacceptable. No business, especially SME's can be subject to retrospective taxation of this nature. When will The Governments of this country stop penalising our own businesses".

As the Federation of Small Business so rightly puts it,
"No small business should receive a sudden tax hike of 5,000% simply because a workspace has been separated, for years, by a communal area, stairway or lift. Some small business owners are discussing whether to knock holes in their walls or stick a staircase on the outside of their premises".

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