UKIP Police and Crime Commissioner campaign launched outside the Home Office today

Published Mar 11, 2016

policeUKIP.jpgToday saw the launch of UKIP's Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) launch outside the Home Office in Westminster this morning. It was attended by UKIP Leader Nigel Farage, UKIP’s Home Affairs Spokesman and Deputy Chairman responsible for Justice Diane James MEP and some of UKIP's PCC candidates from across England and Wales. In addition Peter Whittle, UKIP's London Mayoral candidate attended in support of the campaign.

Pictured are:

Back row: Henry Bolton OBE, (Kent), Lester Taylor (Dorset), Michael Whitehead (Humberside), Mark Hughes (Hertfordshire), Victoria Ayling (Lincolnshire), Simon Tobin (Suffolk).

Front Row: David Moreland (Norfolk), Jonathan Smith (Devon and Cornwall), Diane Jame MEP, Nigel Farage,  Simon Wall (North Wales), Roy Swales (Hampshire), Peter Jewell (West Mercia), Patrick Lowe (Sussex), Julia Searle (Surrey), and Peter Whittle (London Mayor candidate).

Speaking afterwards, Diane James said, “UK residents quite rightly place their trust in the UK police force. It is the most visible and expected “Responsive” point of contact to whom the public turns when it sees, or regretfully experiences, a crime be it anti-social behaviour, burglary, fraud, sexual or other form of personal attack.

“Taxpayers also rightly expect their police forces to allocate their resources, including finance, to the most pressing needs of communities ensuring that all are protected from crime however it might manifest itself, whilst addressing the new challenges and responsibilities set by the Home Secretary.

EMBARGOED_TILL_1100_ON_11_MARCH_-_UKIP_PCC_Manifesto_2016-page-001.jpg“In many instances community support and involvement in crime resolution is now a pivotal part of the overall policing resource. This is to be actively encouraged but should not become the default position or be undermined by aspects of questionable crime reporting quality, thereby lowering public trust in policing and police force accountability.
“It is these three areas that will become the lynchpin of your elected UKIP Police and Crime Commissioner whose one hundred per cent commitment to the role will ensure the necessary accountability at all levels of policing, its operational focus and delivery, its management and record on financial performance.

“Our candidates are totally committed to making police forces visible, approachable and alert to the communities they serve and have as a shared key responsibility to perform to the best of their abilities for those communities.”

UKIP's 2016 PCC Manifesto was also launched today and can be downloaded here.

UKIP Police & Crime Commissioners will:
- Record all crime and improve ease of reporting
- Be visible, approachable and alert to the communities they serve
- Invest in locally appropriate initiatives in accordance with community issues including Zero Tolerance
- Incorporate cost-effective adoption of new technology
- Ensure more representation of the community on key policing issues and communication between the police and people
- Guarantee transparency and scrutiny through accountability and performance reporting of the police in compliance with an agreed Local Police & Crime Plan


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