UKIP pours cold water on plans for Police degrees

Published Nov 13, 2015

James_3ba8f93ef5c350a6ebb0b02f02a31266.jpgPlans announced that call for all police officers to have passed a degree before qualifying as policemen have been queried by UKIP Home Affairs spokesman Diane James MEP.

Ms James said, "Though the idea of better qualified policemen and women is laudable, one has to ask for what purpose? Is this an idea to support the further education sector and Universities rather than to actually improve policing?"

"Of course there are thousands in the Force with degrees. But to make a career in the police dependent on a degree seems excessive. After all policing is almost a vocational career and that should not be wholly or otherwise dependent on educational achievement."

She went on "The UK's experience via the introduction of nursing degrees can hardly be cited as a unqualified success story, so we should proceed with caution.

"The more important goal is surely to attract individuals into the police when morale and motivation is at an all time low. Also attract individuals from all cultural and ethnic backgrounds. raising the bar unnecessarily in this way is hardly going to help these situations.

"In particular the timing of this announcement is bizarre - within weeks we should hear of the level of cuts to police forces around the country anything between 20 and 40% is being mooted. Given that background coupled with making it even harder for someone to realise their career goals is hardly the best approach."

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