UKIP's Steven Woolfe MEP rejects claims that Britain is to blame for Migrant troubles in Calais


jqcPBsPM.jpegSteven Woolfe MEP, the UKIP Immigration spokesman has rejected claims that Britain is at fault for the level of immigration.

"I can sympathize with Madame Bouchart as she is on the frontline of Europe’s migration problem as a locally elected official. From her experience it is evident that even though Britain has not signed the Schengen Agreement, this country is adversely affected by the lack of European and French action on migration.

"However, the problem she highlights is not one of the British welfare system, but of the way in which it can be misused. Welfare in the UK should be there for our own citizens, who have paid in, or whose family have paid in. It is not something for anybody turning up at our borders to be able to access.

"Added together with a lack of deportation enforcement on illegal immigrants once they arrive, means that illegal immigrants too often see the UK as a ‘soft touch’ destination.

“The message needs to be sent to migrants heading for Britain that this country’s streets are not paved with gold. That immigrants illegally arriving from Calais cannot claim asylum having landed in another European country previously. That if they are caught in the UK living and working illegally they will be sent back to the country from which they arrived.

“In reality, the only way to reduce illegal immigration into the UK from places like Calais is to withdraw from the European Union and negotiate new rules for the movement of people into our independent country on our way out."

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