UKIP Economics spokesman Patrick O'Flynn MEP responds to George Osborne's speech


PatrickOflynn.jpgUKIP Economics spokesman Patrick O'Flynn MEP: "Seven years ago George Osborne promised at a Conservative Conference that only millionaires would pay Inheritance Tax but since then he has done nothing to raise the threshold by a single penny and millions of people in modest homes are at risk of being dragged into his Inheritance Tax net.

"UKIP will scrap Inheritance Tax and calls on George Osborne to honour the pledge he made to the British people about taking all but millionaires out of death duties. If he does not, then he will richly deserve the electoral whirlwind that is heading in his direction.

"Millions of middle earners who have been raided for 40% tax by Mr Osborne will also be forgiven for feeling that this is a Government that is not on their side and it is disappointing that the Chancellor did not respond to my invitation to join a cross party consensus on raising the personal allowance to the level of minimum wage earning.

"If we got a grip on on our foreign aid budget and left the EU thereby eliminating our huge membership subs then these measures to help British families would be eminently affordable".

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