UKIP responds to Office For Budget Responsibility Board member, Stephen Nickell


StevenWoolfe.jpegSteven Woolfe, UKIP Migration spokesman responded to Office For Budget Responsibility (OBR) Board member, Stephen Nickell, who told the Treasury Select committee today that issues of immigration were “not very important” to the UK economy. Steven said:

“At last the OBR has recognised the effect that mass, uncontrolled, migration has on the wages of unskilled working people in our economy. Unfortunately, it has taken far to long for this message to get through to the Prime Minister and his Chancellor who are trying every political trick possible to ignore the reality that this is a direct consequence of our EU membership. Until we leave the EU our dependence on immigrant labour will continue.

“The suggestion that living space in the UK – whether in practice or by perception – is not an issue in the migration debate can only come from someone who has spent their life living in an Ivory tower. Migrants to the UK are not interested in setting up camp on the golf courses of Surrey but in seeking work in busy cities or towns where, in many cases, space is at a premium. The need for additional housing for the million plus migrants who will have entered Britain during this Parliament contributes directly to our urban sprawl.

“The key economic price of mass migration however, is its ‘substitution effect’. Like the Labour Party, Mr Nickell preaches how important immigrants are to the survival of the health service. Yet, when the elites and policymakers in this country adopt this view it excuses them from dealing with the consequences of a dispossessed, impoverished, UK ‘underclass’. Successive Labour and Tory governments have been warned about this but done nothing. In fact, the real untold scandal of the migration debate is that the substitutability of immigrant labour into the UK has let our politicians, and now it seems their advisors, off the hook!” ​

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