UKIP response to MigrationWatch report

Published May 17, 2016

steven.jpgSteven Woolfe the UKIP Immigration spokesman has responded to a study by MigrationWatch which points out that in 2014/15, the cost to the Exchequer of immigration was £17 billion, "Ultimately, the British taxpayer will be forced to pick up the bill for our reckless migration policy, as a member of the EU.

"This report highlights a fundamental problem with the UK's migration policy in the EU, that only UKIP have been addressing. Some EU migrants make a net fiscal contribution, but this is offset by those who don't. Therefore the contribution made by some EU migrants is null and void. Whilst members of the EU, we do not have the ability to control the number of migrants coming into the UK, and until we do, we can not sufficiently plan and manage our future public services.

"For years those who support the EU free movement of people have joined with their backers in big business who want cheaper labour costs to bolster profits over people and leftists open borders who seek to destroy the cohesion of nation states by promoting the myth that ALL immigration is good for the UK economy.

"All this has flown in the face of increasing research from the OECD, EU Bank of England or indeed EU funded University College of London reports that shows large scale migration lowers wages for the poorest in society, causes job displacement of its people, increases pressure on essential services in health care, education and benefits system.

"This research shows that immigration wherever it comes from costs the UK 3 million pounds a day and whilst we fail to reduce the pull factors to the country, control our borders or withdraw from the EU, we have a ticking time bomb of costs that our nation will not be able to cope with as our population grows and those who have immigrated to the UK grow older and make further demands on our stretched pensions and health care system."

You can read the full report here.

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