UKIP response to Parson's Green terror attack

Published Sep 15, 2017

UKIP home affairs spokeswoman Jane Collins MEP has said, "the time has come to ramp up our responses to dealing with extremism of all kinds."

"We need more investment in our counter terrorism services just like we need more bobbies on the beat.  We need root and branch reform of statutory institutions where extremism is taking hold and the police need to concentrate on real threats not on people having twitter arguments.

"One way we can deal with  extremists is by ridding this country of hate preachers and the kinds of institutions where extremist beliefs are taught.  This is where the government is so wrong to committ to remaining in the ECHR and under the jurisdiction of Europe.  We must have the power to kick out hate preachers just as we must have the power to deal with homegrown terrorists."

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