UKIP response to the Autumn Statement

Published Nov 23, 2016

untitled.pngFollowing the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s Autumn Statement today, Mark Reckless AM said, 

"Despite the fearsome predictions of Remain supporters, the overall prognosis for the economy is good, as we knew it would be. The official forecast is that unemployment in 2020 after we have left the EU will be just 860,000. This administers the last rites to the infamous claim that 3 million jobs would be lost if we left the EU.

"We are borrowing too much, £68 billion this year, £59 billion next, and £122 billion more than planned across the forecast period. The government has talked tough on austerity but failed to match its words with deeds.

"Every month the Government delays Brexit costs the exchequer over a billion pounds. UKIP says just get on with it.

"It is also now even more necessary that we make savings is overseas aid of up to £10 billion a year, while concentrating our efforts on humanitarian aid and disaster relief.

"We want to get Britain moving but are wary of ‘grand projects’ for infrastructure. Too often, they do more for the ego of the politicians who support them and the bank balance of consultants who advise on them, than they do for passengers or taxpayers.

"We should drop HS2 and invest more in ‘shovel-ready’ projects in the North, e.g. 30 minute train journeys time, 4 times an hour between Liverpool and Manchester, electrification of the South Wales valley lines, and scrapping tolls on the Mersey, Humber, Dartford and Severn crossings."

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