UKIP response to the Prime Ministers Speech: Good, but we deserve better

Published Oct 03, 2016

b2pVW-M3.jpgUKIP's Steven Woolfe MEP said: "Theresa May has just delivered a speech that accepts the decision of the people of the United Kingdom. Control of our borders, laws, fisheries and money should be in our Parliament's hands. All are UKIP policies as is her flagship grammar school policy.

"We welcome her clear decision to repeal the 1972 Act, that Article 50 negotiations are to be launched by March 2017 and that Remainers will have to accept the people's referendum decision. UKIP campaigning position is again vindicated and replicated.

"The bare bones of 'Brexit means Brexit' now have a time frame. Good. But with a parliamentary party divided, an opposition in flux and the House of Lords implacably opposed, it is up to UKIP to keep up the electoral pressure on. Nobody else will.

"We have shown our political campaigning power brings results on democracy, education and taxation. We will continue to do just that and ensure the political elite never leave anyone behind or become complacent again."

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