UKIP response to the University of Oxford's Migration Observatory migration figures


net_migration.pngResponding to the migration figures today released by the University of Oxford's Migration Observatory which show that migrant population in England is estimated to have increased by more than half a million in three years UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said:

"Once again UKIP has been proved right. In 2010 people said this wasn't an issue. In 2014 I was told I was all wrong on the increase in the migrant population, and the Deputy Prime Minister even thought he'd beat me in debate over it. But migration to this country has been shown to be unsustainable, and councils are even seeing cuts in areas with booming populations.

"So let's be honest, the only way forward is UKIP's Australian-style points system proposal, and the only way to ensure this is by voting UKIP in May."​

UKIP Migration Spokesman Steven Wooolfe MEP added:  "How much more data evidence on the detrimental effects of EU mass immigration into the UK do the other political parties need in order for them to realise that we must leave the EU immediately in order to get control of our borders.

"Those who support unfettered EU immigration into our country to serve their own lofty political dreams of a common European government based in Brussels are slaves to an outdated ideology.

"People want local and national controls over issues that affect their lives and migration is the number one issue in this category since the number of people arriving impacts all public infrastructure and services." ​

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