UKIP reveals new billboard design



UKIP today reveals it's new billboard design depicting an escalator running up the White Cliffs of Dover showing how we have lost control of our borders.

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said: "This is in my view the most powerful image of the entire European election campaign. It is designed to bring home to the British public just what membership of the EU means as regards controlling our own borders.

"The White Cliffs of Dover have always been seen as symbolic of Britain’s island status. That status should give us added ability to pick and choose the people who come to live and work in our country. But under EU free movement laws we have no serious control whatever.

"No doubt the political establishment will react again in mock outrage and throw a new round of slurs and smears at UKIP and at me.

"We’ve been called every name under the sun in recent weeks. But we will not be silenced, and we know that millions of decent British people are on our side and are grateful that we are speaking out."

Paul Sykes, the Yorkshire businessman who is working with UKIP and donating  £1.5 million towards the publicity campaign in the European elections, said: "This poster goes to the heart of the European debate. Over the past 20 years or more, politicians - Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat - have conspired to hide the truth about EU immigration from the British public.

"The British people have never been consulted about opening up our borders to all-comers. Mass immigration from the EU has happened by stealth. No referendum has ever been held. And even now, our political leaders have the brass neck to accuse UKIP, the party exposing this deceit, of racism.

"The political establishment has been trying to bully the British public into silence over levels of immigration that are clearly unsustainable. But, as the scale of Nigel Farage's support demonstrates, voters have seen through this cover up.

​"The Prime Minister should come clean with the British people. He should admit that because we are members of the EU he has no control whatsoever over immigration from the EU.That is a fact that anyone can check."

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