UKIP Rotherham Leader calls for immediate Local Elections in the Wake of the Casey Report


image_update_img.jpgCaven Vines, UKIP’s leader of the opposition on Rotherham council has called for immediate local elections in the town, following the resignation of the council’s cabinet; and the introduction of special measures by Communities Minister, Eric Pickles.

Speaking after the release of the Casey report, which detailed the failures of Rotherham’s council cabinet, Caven said; “The whole council needs to be disbanded and the people of Rotherham should be given the immediate opportunity to vote for who they want to lead them moving forward in the wake of the Casey report.”

“Eric Pickles has announced that elections in the town will not be held until 2016. This is simply too late. It is only by giving the people of Rotherham a full say in the future of the town, that we can build the community support that we will need to move forward. What Mr Pickles is suggesting is that the people of Rotherham cannot be trusted to vote for a better future, it is a dereliction of democracy”.

“The simple fact is that Rotherham is in desperate need of direct help and support to deal with this crisis, which deepens with each new report. Labour has failed the people of Rotherham in letting the abuse happen in the first place and then failed them again in the wake of the Jay report, as little direct help has been given to victims. Labour must not be allowed to fail the victims and the town again.”

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