UKIP's 2016 Northern Ireland Assembly candidates announced

Published Mar 08, 2016

David_McNarry.jpgUKIP Leader in Northern Ireland, David McNarry MLA commented on the candidate announcement:

“Northern Ireland voters will have the opportunity to vote for a strong team of UKIP candidates in May’s Assembly elections. They will have the opportunity to vote for a nationally relevant party, linking Northern Ireland more closely to the great issues of the day in the rest of the United Kingdom. 

"UKIP is much more than a Party – UKIP is a cause – a very worthwhile cause, which I and many here believe in.  It’s a cause for people and it’s a cause that many are responding to in good faith. 

"I am very proud of the UKIP Candidates Team asking for a number 1 vote at these Stormont Assembly Elections. A better bunch of dedicated, hardworking and determined people you couldn’t ask for. Our team of candidates offer a politics based on the needs of the people. Your interests are the same as theirs.

"On May 5th, the people of Northern Ireland will have a chance at REAL Change. UKIP is a genuine alternative to the parties and the politics of old that has continually failed us. 

"I commend each and every candidate to you. I don’t expect any of them will let you down. That’s the UKIP way - believing in Northern Ireland, believing in the United Kingdom and standing up for ordinary people.”

Candidates are as follows:

Cllr. Donna Anderson – North Antrim

Alan Day – Mid Ulster

Alan Love – Newry & Armagh

Brian Higginson – Lagan Valley

Cllr. Noel Jordan – East Antrim

Cllr. David Jones – Upper Bann

Bob Stoker – South Belfast

Steven Parkhill - East Londonderry

Robert Hill – South Antrim

Jonny Lavery – East Belfast

Stephen Crosby – Strangford

Ken Boyle – North Belfast

Bill Piper – North Down

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