UKIP’s Cllr Pete Reeve MBE re-elected to Key LGA positions.

Published Jul 05, 2017

We are pleased to announce that Cllr Peter Reeve MBE, UKIP Councillor for Ramsey in Cambridgeshire on Huntingdonshire District Council has been re-elected as the Deputy Leader of the Independent Group of the Local Government Association (LGA). 

The Independent Group of the LGA represents Councillors who are Independent or of a political affiliation outside of Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat including UKIP, Green, Plaid Cymru. It provides a voice at the national level and works within the cross party Local Government Association (LGA) to ensure that the values and interests of local government are promoted. Cllr Reeve has also been elected to the post of Deputy Chairman of the Local Government Association. 
Cllr Reeve states “It is a real honour to have been re-elected as the Deputy Leader of the Independent Group of the LGA. Knowing that I have been elected not just by members of my own party but the cross party and Independent Councillors that make up our group means a lot. 
I have been very clear in focusing on the issues that Unite us because we are stronger when we work together and will strive to continue to improve the level of support that we are able to provide Councillors across the country. Like my colleagues, I believe that common sense and issue based politics are more important than the party dogma and self interest of the old Parties - Labour, Conservative and Lib Dem . 
I and my colleagues will continue to stand up to ensure that resources and power are challenged in Westminster and Whitehall and that decision making is passed as closely as possible to the local communities that decisions impact. We will continue to inspire and support local government and Councillors over the  coming years. As Deputy Chairman of the LGA I will continue to ensure that the voice of our members is clearly heard at the highest levels." 
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