UKIP's Deputy Chairman slams inheritance tax moves as 'immoral'


suzanne.pngSuzanne Evans describes the Government's decision to add inheritance tax to savings as trumping 'their usual staggering contempt for voters'

"What this really looks like is an immoral attempt at yet more revenue raising. The coalition has already introduced over 500 tax rises since 2010, but forcing people to pay inheritance tax when they are not even dead trumps even their usual staggering contempt for voters.

"I'm particularly disappointed to hear ministers talk about inheritance tax in the context of 'wealthy' people. This is just not the case any more. You could be a single mum or a pensioner living on a very low income and still get caught in the inheritance tax trap if your home is worth more than £325,000. The Tories are simply jumping into bed with Labour when it comes to spouting this kind of rubbish about the 'rich.'It's class warfare and nothing to do with economics.

"It's bad enough that death duties often have to be paid before probate is granted. In many cases the bereaved end up having to take out loans to pay it. The government should be looking to cut the huge amount of money it wastes before piling yet more tax burdens onto those struggling to come to terms with the death of their loved one."

"The Conservatives promised to abolish Inheritance Tax on all estates worth less than £1 million if they got into government but have quickly abandoned this pledge. Meanwhile, Labour plans to introduce an additional 15% death tax to pay for people’s care in old age if they get into Government in 2015."

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