UKIP's future is bright

Published Apr 03, 2018

UKIP has shown the resilience and depth of character to regain its position as a vital part of British politics. On 17th February UKIP was on the edge of insolvency and in imminent danger of being forced out of business.

But after an appeal launched by the interim leader Gerard Batten to raise £100,000, the party responded with huge faith and enthusiasm.

Mr Batten said,

"I am very pleased to announce that my appeal to UKIP members to raise £100k to save the Party from insolvency has met with an incredibly generous response of almost £300k. In addition, the £175k legal bill has been paid by other means. UKIP is now safe."

"With incredible generosity, our members and branches have responded by donating not £100k but the amazing sum of £294,918.

Money is still coming in and I do not doubt we will raise more than three times the money I asked for."

The breakdown of donations to-date is as follows:

Branches £79,477
Individuals £215,411
Total £294,888

Gerard continued, "Those individuals and branches that donated cannot be thanked enough. They have saved UKIP to fight on."

The legal bill in the Jane Collins libel case.
On 19th March a Court Order landed on my desk to pay £175k by 3rd April as an Interim payment in the libel case UKIP became embroiled in.
With great energy and speed our new Treasurer, Sebastian Fairweather put together a plan to raise the money, which he did, and it was paid on 29th March.   
This money did not come from the funds raised by means of the current fundraising initiative. 
However, the party is not out of the woods yet. It has to maintain its income and manage itself carefully. It also potentially faces a second legal bill in the libel case in the months to come.  But we will cross that bridge when we come to it.



Since Mr Batten took over, there has been a surge in new memberships with nearly 900 new members since the 17th February.

He said, "Our political enemies have been robbed of the pleasure of seeing UKIP disappear from the political scene.  A new optimism and a boost in morale is now palpable in our branches and among our members. So I'm sorry Sadiq, you had better put that champagne on ice, you won't be needing it now".

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