UKIP’s Jane Collins and Margot Parker express “deep concern” over Labour paternity leave plans


UKIP spokesmen, Jane Collins and Margot Parker have expressed “deep concerns” regarding Labour’s plans to double paternity leave for new fathers and increase statutory payments by £100 to match minimum wage.

Jane Collins, UKIP’s Employments Spokesman said of the proposals, “While I wholeheartedly support the development of family life at an early stage, the reality outside the Westminster bubble is that these plans are unworkable; do not offer a flexible approach to family needs and could seriously threaten jobs, especially in the small business sector.”

Jane continued, “This is yet another example of Labour inventing headline grabbing, but unworkable policies that have no reflection on the everyday lives of British people. UKIP support the current paternity entitlement for fathers, but would want serious consultation with parents and business before making sweeping changes. From my own experience as a mother, rather than have the proposed four-week ‘chunk’ of leave, it would be far better spread over a number of months or years to give parents time with their families when they really need it, not when Labour say it is best.”

Margot Parker, UKIP’s small business spokesman said, “This new proposal by Labour would hurt and damage small businesses in particular. Extending paternity leave would bring extra costs for many small businesses - such as bringing in replacement staff - leaving small firms to struggle financially. Research shows less than half of fathers use the current entitlement, so this initiative by Labour is headline grabbing without responding to an actual, practical need."

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