Jane Collins MEP on Rotherham Child Sexual Exploitation Report


JaneCollins.jpgCommenting on a report published today into the sexual exploitation of children in Rotherham, Jane Collins said:

“Speaking primarily as a mother, the details of the abuse and violence outlined in Professor Alexis Jay’s report, shocks me to my core. The very thought of the abuse these children suffered is profoundly distressing, and we owe it to the victims to take immediate action on this issue.”

“How the Chief Executive of Rotherham Council, Martin Kimber, can sit there and glibly tell the world that not one person has been sacked, nor disciplined regarding this matter is beyond me.


"We are talking about children as young as 11 being trafficked, gang raped, beaten, plied with alcohol and drugs, and even threaten with being burned alive. My outrage at these events is simply beyond words!”

“There has been three previous reports commissioned and it’s taken a fourth before anything has happened.”

“This is the same council that in 2012, persecuted and ruined the lives of a foster couple who were providing a good, stable home to foster children, simply because they were members of UKIP.

"At the same time, the very same people leading this persecution of these good and law abiding people, were harbouring and enabling Pakistani and Kashmiri paedophiles to commit the most heinous crimes against our kids. The whole situation is simply outrageous and apologies are not enough in this case!”

“I categorically call for the resignation of everyone directly and indirectly involved in this case. The Labour Council stand accused of deliberately ignoring child sex abuse victims for 16 years. The apologies we have heard are totally insincere and go nowhere near repairing the damage done.

"These resignations should include South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Shaun Wright who until his election into the PPC post, held responsible positions with Rotherham council. I also call for a criminal investigation by a force not directly linked with this scandal in to all those implicated in this scandal. There is no place for these people in public life."

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