Jill Seymour and Mark Reckless unite to open Medway's £13 million Tory Ghost Road


toryghostroad.jpgJoining the campaign for UKIP’s Mark Reckless in Rochester & Strood, Jill Seymour MEP and UKIP Transport Spokesman strongly endorsed the campaign to open the £13 million Medway Tory ghost road.

Rochester’s notoriously wasteful Riverside and Canal bus lane has long been a local emblem of Conservative incompetence. Built at huge cost and closed to locals who are forced to make a long detour around this landmark Tory failure, the bus lane is closed by Conservative-controlled Medway Council and central government alike.

Sharing her outrage after visiting the silent Tory ghost road, Jill Seymour said: "It’s scandalous. I’ve been shown a £13 million road meant to serve the whole community which serves only a handful. It’s the old story again – the old parties arguing locally, arguing nationally, unwilling to sit around a table and actually sort it out.

"For that amount of money, I’d have expected a proper motorway and a long one – not a bus lane closed to local drivers. Today is the second time I’ve been welcomed to Rochester & Strood by Mark Reckless, a man of common sense and logic who gets things done. UKIP is coming, but meanwhile, is it really too much to ask that the people who could do this get together, listen to the community, and get this road opened at last?" 

Mark Reckless added: "If UKIP are elected in May, we will open this road to all traffic – no excuses, no exceptions. The solution is simple, only the old politics stops it happening. We’ll make the road northbound in the morning and southbound afternoons and evenings. We’ll try to do this with the agreement of the politicians currently blocking this, but failing that, a UKIP majority will open the road come what may. It simply isn't believable that anyone would take legal action to stop a local road being opened to local people as the people here have demanded for so long."

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