UKIP’s Newark surge shows the party can take votes from all parts of the LibLabCon


A big thank you to every UKIP member who took part in the by-election campaign in Newark, leading to an excellent runner-up position and a huge swing in the party’s favour.

The party won fewer than 2,000 votes in 2010, but last night received more than 10,000 votes to achieve a strong second place.

UKIP Director of Communications Patrick O'Flynn said: "This was a remarkable effort from everyone in UKIP. Roger Helmer and his campaign team can be very proud of the result.

“To go straight into a by-election off the back of a gruelling European and local election campaign and achieve such a good result is a tremendously encouraging sign of UKIP’s increasing capacity.

“UKIP annihilated both Labour and the Liberal Democrats in this contest and achieved a vote share of almost 26 per cent – our second highest ever. Yes, we must acknowledge that the Tories unleashed unprecedented resources and fought a really well organised campaign that retained a safe seat. But they cannot fight every constituency at the general election next year as if it is a must-win by-election.

“This is another great result that shows we are on the march all over the country – even in areas where we have not been traditionally strong.”

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