UKIP's O'Flynn blasts Labour and Tories for unedifying and relentlessly negative start to election campaign


PatrickOflynn.jpgUKIP Economics spokesman Patrick O'Flynn today warned the Conservatives and Labour they risked further lowering the reputation of politics in the eyes of the British public through their election mud-slinging.

O'Flynn said: "Both the Tories and Labour are playing the British public for fools. Each seems more fixated on throwing mud at the other than on improving its own offer to the British public.

"Instead of accusing the Tories of wanting to scrap the NHS, Labour would be better advised to do some work on its own spending pledges. Instead of claiming that Armageddon will befall the British economy as soon as David Cameron leaves Downing Street, the Conservatives should be coming up with a real plan to improve the living standards of working people in Britain.

"The fact is both these parties are committed to carry on spending enormous sums on foreign aid, EU contributions and the HS2 vanity project and yet both expect us to believe they can bring down the deficit and properly fund the NHS at the same time. In the case of the Tories, they also ask people to believe they can deliver £7bn of tax cuts on top.

"Neither of them is being straight. UKIP is the one party prepared to be honest and specific about spending cuts. We will spell out in detail during this campaign what we will cut, how much we will save and how those resources will be shared out between the competing priorities of tax cuts, alternative spending programmes and deficit reduction.

"We will also offer a positive vision for how Britain can succeed as a global trading nation, free of the shackles and the bills imposed by the EU.

"If Monday was a sign of how Labour and the Tories intend to fight this election - no vision, no positive message for the country and precious little honesty - then these ugly sisters of British politics might just find that the public chooses to believe the bad things they say about each other and disbelieve any claims they make on their own behalf closer to polling day."

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