UKIP's response to Theresa May's speech today

Published Jan 17, 2017

PaulNuttall1.jpgResponding to Theresa May's speech today, UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall: "Some of it did sound like a UKIP conference speech and the Prime Minister is now applying some of the things that we’ve been talking about for many, many years, so I would give her seven out of ten for this effort.

"But I am concerned that what we’re getting is some sort of slow-motion Brexit where she is speaking about interim measures, or a transitional period, which will only begin after April 2019. She has given no end date to these transitional measures. I challenge the Prime Minister; let’s have this all done and clean before the next General Election in 2020. 

"Good marks for saying we are leaving the EU's Single Market and stopping mass immigration. However, the vital issues of leaving the European Court of Human Rights and taking back control of our fishing waters have been left out completely and free movement of people is being offered as a carrot to the EU for the transitional period which has no defined end, so we could end up with no change on that for a decade or more.

"As Home Secretary, Theresa May always talked tough but failed to deliver. I challenge her to change the habit of a political lifetime and actually deliver this time. And I mean on time and in full."

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