UKIP's Small Business spokesman slams Tribunal ruling


Margot_11_(1).jpgMargot Parker MEP, UKIP's Small Business spokesman: “Today’s ruling from the Employment Tribunal is simply outrageous. Thousands of companies could be hit with retrospective claims, some dating as far back as 1998, that would cripple them and put them out of business. It cannot be right that businesses that acted in good faith could now be subject to massive payouts that may well bankrupt them, putting many people out of work.

“The European Working Time Directive is a wolf in sheep’s clothing for thousands of businesses up and down the country. It may look like a good thing for workers, but the reality is that it hits the small and medium sized enterprises that are the backbone of our economy, hard. The gold plating of it by our institutions is abominable.

“Once again it shows how businesses and Britain would be better off out of the EU where we would not be subject to damaging regulations forced upon us by a clueless political project in Brussels that can't even manage its own currency.”

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