UKIP's Stance On Uncontrolled EU Immigration Vindicated

Published Oct 05, 2017

The highly respected think tank, Migration Watch today confirmed what UKIP has consistently stated for years, that uncontrolled immigration of low skilled workers does not materially benefit the British economy, instead it impacts on the job prospects of British workers, their wages and public services.

John Bickley, UKIP's Immigration spokesman said: "It is quite clear from Migration Watch's research that uncontrolled immigration of low skilled workers from the EU (and for that matter outside of the EU) mainly benefits employers who can offer low wages and poor working conditions to the detriment of British workers. It is beyond belief that the Labour Party (with the support of the Trade Unions) actively encouraged open door immigration knowing that their own voters and members would be disadvantaged and in many cases have their jobs taken over by open door immigration."

Migration Watch stated: It is often overlooked that the true economic cost of employing migrant workers is not borne just by their employers, as low-earning work is subsidised by welfare payments. The working-age benefit bill for EU migrants in the UK was £4.4bn in 2014/15, or £12m a day, according to figures released by HMRC and DWP (Department for Work and Pensions). That was 10% more than the previous year and it is likely to have increased since then as the number recorded as working in the UK has further increased, including large numbers from Romania and Bulgaria following the final lifting of transitional controls. If welfare spending has increased pro rata, it might now be well over £5bn. Thus the calls to government to allow continued inflows of EU migrants to low-paid work are as much calls for taxpayers to provide further subsidy for their employment.

Bickley continued,
"There have been a number of headline-grabbing reports from some sectors about their need for more workers from the EU, in particular food producers, the care sector and the hospitality sector. Looking behind the headlines, most of what these sectors appear to be asking for is the opportunity to continue to offer low-paying jobs with poor conditions and little flexibility for workers.

"Under the Tories annual net immigration has soared from c.170k per year under Labour to c.260k a year. So much for the Tories shallow promise to reduce immigration to the 'Tens of Thousands', a promise made by two Tory prime ministers no less. However, it is alleged that Cameron's Tory cabinet had no intention to deliver on this promise, so was their 'promise' just an attempt to con the British public?

“The Tories intend to continue with open door immigration from the EU till at least 2021 (five years after the EU Referendum result to Leave), which together with non EU immigration will likely add another 1.2m immigrants to the population (a city much larger in population size than Birmingham).

“It is time the British people realised that the Labour and Tory parties are in hock to big business and the corporatist EU and have no interest in improving their living standards and job prospects. They want to turn the UK into a sweat shop off the coast of mainland Europe that benefits big business, their cronies in the Labour and Tory Parties, the trade unions and the EU bureaucrats, and to hell with British workers."

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