UKIP's stance on zero hour contracts

Published Apr 01, 2015


Our party has been raising concerns about zero hours contracts for a long time. A year ago Nigel Farage recommended a tough new crackdown on them.

Today UKIP Economics Spokesman Patrick O'Flynn said: "The spread of zero hours contracts is yet another symptom of the over-supply of labour for working class jobs because of open door immigration from the EU. Big corporate employers have been able to bid down both pay and conditions because they know that workers can be found from the low wage economies of southern and eastern Europe who will accept inferior terms.

"Unless the established parties end freedom of movement across the EU, which they won’t, they cannot help British workers to higher wages or better conditions of employment. Only UKIP can do that."

UKIP’s stance on zero hour contracts:

  • UKIP believes in a blanket ban on exclusivity clauses in zero hours contracts (ie a worker on a zero hours contract must not be banned from working for alternative employers.)
  • That a minimum notice period of 12 hours must be given by a company as regards the next shift it needs a zero hours worker to do (there have been shocking cases of workers turning up on site in the morning to hear whether or not there is any work for them that day).
  • That after a year on a zero hours contract a worker should be entitled to demand a transfer to a fixed hours contract or permanent post.

However, UKIP believes small businesses should be exempted from this final point as their low numbers of employees make it unreasonable to expect them to create permanent posts willy-nilly and the impact of forcing them to do so may be to kill off even the original zero hours vacancy.

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