UKIP says no need for positive ethnic discrimination in teaching

Published Jul 14, 2017

David Kurten AM, the UKIP education spokesman and himself a fomer BME teacher of 20 years experience, responded to calls for positive discrimination in the hiring of teachers

“Teaching unions like the NASUWT can’t stop playing identity politics to get attention. Their recent call for teaching staff to reflect the ethnic make-up of England is politically correct virtue signalling, and their claim that the teaching profession is infused with deep-rooted institutional racism is bogus. We should be worrying more about a curriculum devoted to faddish fashion rather than creating an understanding of this country and its history. As the proportion of children from different countries and backgrounds increase it is more important than ever to abandon outdated multi-culturalism, and embrace teaching that encourages integration.

The BME percentage is greater for pupils than teachers simply because BME percentage is higher among children then among adults, and is higher the younger the age group. (2) This is due to rapid, mass immigration and a much higher birth rate among some BME communities than among the white British community. A simple look at the demographics of the country would confirm this. It a long term trend which is set to continue, with white British becoming a minority around 2060 according to experts including Oxford professor and population expert David Coleman. (1)

Unless there is a drastic change in the England’s demographics, the trend of an increase in BME children/pupils and adults/teachers will continue to increase as it has over the last 20 years. The proportion of BME children/pupils will continue to be higher than that of adults/teachers however unless there is a decline in net immigration to zero accompanied by an equalisation of the BME and non-BME birth rates.

There is no need for positive discrimination when hiring new teaching staff; it is also illegal and immoral. All schools have a statutory requirement to follow strict codes of conduct which mean they do not discriminate when filling new posts. There is only one principle to follow when hiring staff: the best person for the job should get the job.”

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