UKIP Scottish MEP David Coburn responds to Nicola Sturgeon, "We came into the EU as one United Kingdom so we will leave together"

Published Jun 02, 2015

David_Coburn.jpgToday at a European Policy Centre event Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland, stated that the Scottish government would be pushing for a double lock mechanism for the EU referendum, whereby a Scottish majority would be required for Scotland to leave.

David Coburn UKIP MEP for Scotland, who spoke at the event, said, "This is just havers of nonsense. Typical SNP gerrymandering of the democratic process, last time they excluded Scots working abroad and serving in the forces, now they want to include any EU national living in Scotland.

"We came into the EU as one United Kingdom, we came into the EU together, so we will leave together.

"The Scottish people clearly decided that they wanted to remain as part of the United Kingdom so any talk of this double lock mechanism makes a mockery of the Scottish people's decision. We respected the result, now they must too."

He concluded, "If in the event Sturgeon got her way, there would have to be another Independence referendum followed by an application to join the EU and a five year wait where Scotland would find themselves behind Turkey in the queue, forced to adopt the euro and open to total free movement of people. An international border post at Berwick and Carlisle? Let's see how the SNP try and sell that to the Scottish people."

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