UKIP select Oxfordshire man Dickie Bird as Witney Candidate

Published Sep 27, 2016

Dickie_2.pngFormer Soldier and Oxford College porter Dickie Bird has been selected to fight the Witney Constituency vacated by David Cameron.

Mr Bird, whose nomination was accepted this morning said,

"I’m excited to have the opportunity to fight this seat on behalf of UKIP and local residents. I live in, and love, Oxfordshire. For twenty years I served in the army as part of Oxfordshire's, local Regiment, The Royal Green Jackets, now called The Rifles.

"However, on leaving, I found the local Council very unhelpful. This made me realise that in order to change things for people it is no good railing at the radio and TV and sitting back, instead I felt that I had to get involved and do something to make things better.”

"We need to do more to look after all those who have lived and paid tax here for years.

"I joined UKIP in 2009 and was a candidate for them soon after, they are the only Party standing up for our Country and fully behind all those who voted for Brexit.”

Diane James the UKIP leader and one of Oxfordshire’s local Euro MPs said,

"I am delighted to support Dickie Bird as the UKIP candidate in Witney. He is an Oxfordshire man, and someone who I know well and have worked closely with as a former Chairman of UKIP in Oxfordshire.

"Dickie is down to earth, a former soldier and an extremely hard worker. It's about time the people of Witney were represented by a candidate who cares passionately about the place, and the constituency's interests and the country's future in a post Brexit world. Outward looking, experienced and with a record of service to this country."

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