UKIP Conference discusses political reform

Published Sep 26, 2015

UKIP's Director of Policy Development Mark Reckless said: "UKIP are delighted today to welcome Katie Ghose, Chief Executive of the Electoral Reform Society (ERS), to our Conference in Doncaster. I am privileged to chair the session on political reform at which she will speak and which will also star our MP, Douglas Carswell.  

"UKIP winning 3.9 million votes, yet only one seat in Parliament, highlighted more than ever before the unfairness of our electoral system and the way it protects Westminsters' insiders from the popular will.

"We promised in our manifesto that "UKIP will campaign for a new, proportional voting system that delivers a Parliament truly reflective of the number of votes cast, while retaining a constituency link, so every vote really does count". Our conference will have the opportunity later today to vote in support of a motion which includes a similar statement.

The Single Transferable Vote (STV) promoted by Katie and the ERS is clearly one such system. There are also other electoral systems which may meet our criteria. We highlight one in particular here in light of the substantial work done by one of our most loyal members, Captain Graham Harper, to promote it. The system developed and described here by Peter Scott is known by him as 'Combined Representation'.

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