UKIP slams £76,000 EU junket revealed in report

Published Jul 20, 2015

v3-nathan-gill-ukip.jpgThe latest report from the Taxpayers Alliance just confirms how out-of-touch the political class are. The fact that the EU believes that spending nearly £76,000 on sending bureaucrats to a conference in Aruba is acceptable just beggars-belief. UKIP is the only major party in the UK that seeks to reduce public spending on overseas development to affordable and sustainable levels, something overwhelmingly supported by the British people.

Nathan Gill MEP, UKIP International Development Spokesman said: "This report illustrates just how out-of-touch the political elite really are with the people they are supposed to represent. The British government should be protecting taxpayers and seeking to reduce the burden on them, but instead they consider it a priority to pass a law making it obligatory for future governments to give away nearly £1billion every month of borrowed money.

"Meanwhile, those charged with spending much of this money on our behalf carry on unchecked, seemingly oblivious to the fact that the UK has one of the largest deficits in the Western world. The political establishment has mortgaged this country to the hilt and are busy thinking up ways to max out our nation's credit cards too; only UKIP would get a grip on this out-of-control spending.

"UKIP would support a policy that ensured the UK could continue to meet its long-term commitment to providing support for essential programmes, including clean water, sanitation and vaccination projects while ensuring the deficit is reduced. Our proposal to reduce the aid budget by approximately 75% is a sustainable and credible way of achieving these two aims.

"In terms of what we give the EU to give away on our behalf: only UKIP would cut that payment to zero. And UKIP wouldn’t allow a single penny of taxpayer’s money to be spent on the sorts of frivolous projects identified by the Taxpayers Alliance and certainly wouldn’t spend over £350,000 on a project glorifying dictator, Robert Mugabe, in Africa."

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