UKIP slams EU's active participation in VW emissions scandal cover-up

Published Oct 26, 2015

Roger_Helmer.jpgNot only was the EU's top Environmental official aware of the VW emissions scandal two years before it broke but also the EU was complicit in not cracking down on the practice immediately. Top ranking EU officials were made aware of the obvious discrepancies between laboratory and on-road emissions tests yet deliberately failed to act leading to millions of consumers being grossly misled and industry ethics being deeply questioned.

UKIP Industry spokesman Roger Helmer MEP commented, "For top ranking EU officials to actively attempt to cover up this scandal is a flagrant misuse of the power they have so vigorously stripped from us. It appears that the European Commissioner in charge know about what was going on but did little, except write a letter.

"By allowing these emission loopholes, exploited ruthlessly by VW, to remain until 2017 millions of British consumers have been betrayed and misled. It is little wonder the EU are so vigorously against transparency. When internal documents are leaked the EU is either accused of being ignorant, ethically suspect or just plain senseless. I often find it is all three.

"We had the LuxLeaks debacle where multinationals got sweetheart tax deals in Luxembourg - and the prime minister becomes head of the European Commission, and now we know that the then Environment Commissioner knew about problems on car emissions and failed to stop the practice quickly. Events like this undermine the credibility of the European Commission at every turn."

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