UKIP stands up for us, small businesses say

Published Apr 21, 2015

smallbusiness.jpgIn an open letter, published in today’s Daily Express, more than 100 small business bosses heap praise on UKIP’s willingness to stand up to big companies while trumpeting our plan to help small firms. Read the letter in full below:

We note the extensive election coverage of the ideas of the various parties when it comes to creating a positive climate for business.

It would seem to us that while Labour now risks being perceived as the anti-business party and the Conservatives can lay claim to being the big business party, UKIP has emerged as the party of small business.

As people engaged in running some of the small enterprises that will create the bulk of new employment in this country in the years ahead, we are greatly encouraged to find a political champion in UKIP.

In particular the party’s policy of facilitating a crackdown on late payments by big companies to small suppliers via a confidential channel to HMRC is a hugely welcome idea.

Combined with proposals for business rates reduction; improved access to finance; the easing of town centre parking restrictions; exemptions for small businesses from some regulations; and opening up the public sector contract bidding process, we believe this leaves UKIP as the key political ally of small business people. We congratulate the party on its stance.

Yours sincerely,

David Armstrong - Centurion Fire and Security Ltd
Dan Arnett - Power Solutions
Martin Appleyard - North Coates Butt Gun Club
Debbie Barwick  - Revivals
Paul Batson - Highway Lighting
Barrie Beardsmore -Canvas Repairs

And 100-plus others. 

The following also signed the open letter:

Dr John Bentham - Components for Oilfield
Nigel Bradshaw - Compass Apparel
Jason Branton Lewis - Distribution Centre
Tanya Brasted - Florist Shop
A Burgess - Burgess Builders
Mike Byson - MR Signs
David Caldwell - Plaster Restorations
Paul Chapman - Whitesail Associates
Ian Coggins - Jenart Design
John Coldwell - Info Quest CRM Ltd
Chris Cope - Defence & Advisory Services
Herbie Crossman - Entry Phone Sysems
Joseph Cummins - Offshore Oil Services
Richard Daniow - Events Ice Cream
Paul Davies-Cooke - Farming
Alan Davis - Cynal Ltd
Paul De’Ath - K & S Business names
Kerry Delaney - C & G Properties
Julian Deverell - Chess/Games
Dave Downing - Industrial Safety Items
David Edwards - Warehousing
Gary Fedtshyschak - Guttering
H Fereday - Weycat Works
Edward Fila - Recruitment
Brian Fishlock - Roofing and Construction
George Flynn - Reeve Metal Finishing Co Ltd
Ben Fuller - Construction
Tony Gangley - Pennywell Taxis
Richard Gibbins - Marketing Consultant
Mike Green - Marksman Corporate Services Ltd
Sally Green - Sector Scheme Services Ltd
Robin Grey - Property
David Harper - Cab Driver
Frank Hayes - Property & Electrical Services
Alan Hazelhurst - Software for Automobile Industry
Roy Henderson - Waste Busters NE
Sidney Heslop - The Mountain Daisy
Helen Hims - Volvo Specialist
Brian Hockin - BD Hockin Engineers
Marcus Hoffman de Visme - Stafford Trade & home Supplies
Martin Houlden - IT        
David Jaques - Accountants
Keith Kingham - Labelline Int. Ltd
Christopher Kingsley - Travel Company
Ladslav Kusnir - Grocery Supermarket
John Langley-Poole - JLP Motorcycles
Kris Latham - Preserves
Robert List - Workforce Employment Ltd
Paul Lowsley - Fidelity Systems
Katie Mac - Fish Shop
Alistair MacBrayne - Wine Merchant
Paul Margetts - Sculpture in Metal
Rob McNeill - Unison Projects Ltd
Alan Miles - Property Solutions
Linda Moore - Moore Moves
Mike Mothershaw - Leek Sign and Graphics
Dave Muat - Express Embroidery
Ian Munsel - Building Restorations
Andrew Norden - Norden/Truewood
Sean O'Grady - Essen Homes
Richard Oliver - Camtol Ltd
Andrew Parton - Agriplan Septic Tanks
Alex Povey - Oatcakes
Stephen Preston - Sport Memorabilia Framing
Graham Prime - Quarnmill
Paul Richter - Engineering
Stuart Robertson - Softec
Lee Robson - Westminster Bar and Restaurant
Richmond Rogers - Pinnacle Heating Solutions
Bob Rush - Construction Services Pipelines
Ray Ryan - Home Improvements
David Salmon - Painter
Mike Savage - Concurrent solutions Ltd
Roger Scott - Men’s Wear
Mitchell Seymour - Saw Parts
Brian Seymour- SMI Manufacturing Thermal Protection
Ken Simpson - Book Retailer      
Blaire Smillie - Flooring
Mark Smith - Empire Pub Grimsby
Lorraine Smith - Lyles of Newcastle
Penny Stansfield- Roseberry Hotel
Matt Stinson- Services to the Public
Anne Stockton - Let's Dance
John Stockton - Stockton Security Syastems
Josh Swash - KJS Clothing
Sergi Singh - Jackpot Stores
John Thompson - DFC Automations Ltd                 
Neil Thornton - Striker Industries             
Richard Turner - Family Marine Business
Chris Verney - Solar Heating
David Walker - Dental Practice
Lawrence Waller - Brookfield Alpacas
Peter Walters - Printbridge (Printers
David Webster - Cuando Ltd
Terry West - Design and  Build
Dene Whyman - Toy repairs
Peter Wilkinson - The Raddle Inn Public House
Ray Williams  - Carpenter
Paul Williams - Trophies
Nigel Williams - Photography
Spencer Wood - Ultralets
Tony Bates
Dorothy Hyslop
Rob White
Mark Vallance  
John Turner       
James Singh

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