UKIP supports Grassroots Out in its bid for 'Leave' campaign designation

Published Feb 09, 2016

vY0_0G_F.jpgToday, the National Executive Committee of UKIP, along with its MEPs and its Local Councillors Association announced that they would be backing the application of the Grassroots Out campaign in its bid to be recognised by the Electoral Commission as the lead 'Leave' group in the forthcoming referendum on the UK's membership of the EU.

UKIP Party Chairman Steve Crowther said, "We have been hoping and working for a rapprochement between the two main contenders for the designation, Vote.Leave and Leave.EU. Unfortunately that has proved elusive. Meanwhile, Grassroots Out has emerged as the genuinely cross party, well organised, energetic campaigning group, which has the momentum and is drawing in support from all quarters. We felt it was time to make a decision and get out on the campaign trail."

UKIP's Leader David McNarry MLA added: "UKIP is throwing its considerable weight behind the GO (Grassroots Out) campaign. This is a momentous decision by UKIP in joining with others of like minds in asking the UK electorate to vote to exit the EU in the forthcoming referendum.

"UKIP in Northern Ireland is the lead party in campaigning to exit the EU and welcome the decision to back the GO campaign as both practical and sensible.

"A House divided is a House the electorate will not support. Now the GO campaign is unified, nothing can stop people power from exiting the EU.

"Personally, I am delighted to see Sammy Wilson MP involved. I am sure both he and myself will enjoy working together in this cross-party union across the political spectrum with a single coherent aim: to get the United Kingdom out of the European Union."


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