UKIP supports Sir James Dyson as he falls foul of an “anti-competitive, bureaucratic and ill-conceived” ECJ ruling

Published Nov 11, 2015

Margot_3.jpgThe European Court of Justice has today dismissed British entrepreneur Sir James Dyson’s claim that new EU regulation on energy labelling of vacuum cleaners is discriminatory and unfair. Dyson’s vacuums, which use mainly “cyclonic” technology, are disproportionately penalised due to the flawed testing system which does not allow for fair comparison.

UKIP MEP and Small Business spokeswoman Margot Parker commented, “I personally bought a Dyson last week but had I known this ECJ judgement was coming I would have bought two of them.

"This judgement exposes the EU for the anti-competitive culture that it promotes. Bureaucrats hate entrepreneurs just as the EU detests democracy. Innovative British businesses are dicing with death when the EU gets them in a stranglehold.

“It is sad to see the ECJ strike down a fair and reasonable complaint with such ease. Evidently the form of testing used does not allow for an equal evaluation of different types of vacuums. Unfortunately for Sir James Dyson he has found himself on the end of yet more anti-competitive, bureaucratic and ill-conceived European regulation.”

“I can only hope Mr Dyson’s previously stated desire for Britain to leave the European Union had no impact on this ruling. I look forward to campaigning with Mr Dyson in the coming months and once Britain leaves we can rescind this pointless legislation.”

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