UKIP sweeps back to majority control in Thanet

Published Aug 19, 2016

ChrisWells.jpgIn an emphatic victory, taking the two District Council and both Town Council seats on offer, UKIP resumed majority control of Thanet Council in the Northwood by election yesterday evening. The by election, caused by the long awaited resignations of former Councillors Smith and Collins, brings UKIP's tally to 29 of the 56 Council seats in Thanet Council, and they resume majority control of their only District Council in the country.

Thanet District Council Leader Cllr Chris Wells commented: "In a post-Brexit world, the media has asked what is the purpose of UKIP? And on the doorsteps the voters of Northwood have given their answer. It is to make sure the Tory government genuinely pursues Brexit. It is to ensure locally we never sink to the toxic and dysfunctional chaos of Labour administration again. It is to have a council which residents can feel proud to have act on its behalf. All the things Tory and Labour Councils have previously failed to achieve here in Thanet.

"We will resume work to right the financial and reputational wrongs inherited from previous administrations and we will, day by day, continue to honour the trust voters have renewed in us this day."

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