UKIP the only alternative voice on Energy

Published Feb 27, 2015

On Friday February 13th, the three old parties colluded to reinforce their failing climate policies. UKIP have always said that the old parties don't offer a genuine choice to voters and this blatant collusion proves it. Now only UKIP offers a rational alternative for secure and affordable energy, for households and for British Industry.

Their plans are based on the 2008 Climate Change Act, which is estimated to cost an eye-watering £18 Billion a year for forty years, an eye-watering £720 billion over the period. That's £28,000 over the period for every household in the country.

Our UKIP Energy Spokesman Roger Helmer was unable to be in Margate, so he asked Paul Oakden, UKIP’s National Agent to deliver his policy statement on Energy.

Paul Oakden said, "The Climate Change Act 2008 will cost every household in Britain £28,000 over forty years.

“Firstly, renewables are intermittent, so they require intermittent fossil-fuel back up. But running the back-up intermittently is inefficient, and substantially off-sets the savings from renewables.

“Secondly, while we focus on green gesture politics, other countries adopt a more rational approach. There are 1200 new coal-fired power plants in the global pipeline. Global emissions will increase whatever we do.

“Thirdly, energy-intensive industries are moving offshore, taking their jobs and their investment and their emissions with them.

“And fourth, if we achieve any reduction in fossil fuel use in Europe, it will simply create more elbow-room, and lower prices, in global energy markets, leading to more consumption elsewhere.”

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