UKIP Trade Spokesman demolishes PM's claim that potential UK-EU Trade agreement would have to have free movement of people

Published Mar 01, 2016

william_d.jpgWilliam Dartmouth, UKIP's Trade Spokesman and newly appointed Party Deputy Chairman has demolished the Prime Minister's oft repeated claim that any potential post Brexit UK-EU trade agreement would have to have free movement of people,

Speaking in Llandudno at the Party's recently held Spring Conference, William Dartmouth said, "The EU has - according to how you count them over 100 trade agreements. Only four of them, with the EFTA four countries, have a "free movement of people clause". 

"Even in Europe the EU has trade agreements  with ten countries; including Albania, Bosnia, Serbia and Turkey; without free movement of people.

"Turkey is even in the EU's Customs Union without "free movement of people". This is what you don't hear from David Cameron."

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