UKIP votes to uphold Geneva Convention on Refugees to reduce draw factor towards Europe thus saving lives.

Published Sep 17, 2015

In the European Parliament, Brussels today, UKIP MEPs voted to uphold Geneva Convention on Refugees to reduce the draw factor for migrants towards Europe thus saving lives. The party also voted  to stop the UK being financially liable for not agreeing to mandatory placement of migrants in the UK.

The new emergency legislation which now goes to the next European Council meeting means that states in the Schengen Area can vote by qualified majority voting. Countries such as Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic which are opposed to taking in more migrants could be forced to do so by Germany, Italy and France.

UKIP was joined in the vote today by colleagues from Sweden and the Czech Republic.

Speaking before the vote, UKIP’s Justice and Home Affairs spokeswoman,  MEP Diane James said :

“Germany seeks to offload the consequences of such an ill-judged, illiterate and incoherent policy by forcing members states to take migrants, bear the costs involved and fundamentally dig Germany out of a self created financial, social, humanitarian and political fiasco.

Not content with inflicting the migrant chaos on its own, in some instances, beleaguered citizens, Germany is using Bully-Boy tactics to force this crisis onto its neighbours.

German domination of the EU means when Merkel says 'Jump', the EU responds with 'How high?'

Note that Germany has already made veiled threats about cutting EU countries which object to its demands, now threatens financial penalties on countries who will not co-operate and seemingly has identified a 780 million Euros budget cost should its domineering strategy be adopted!

I shall remind this Chamber that the UK has an 'opt-out' on this matter.

The UK has a proud humanitarian nature and heritage of responding to genuine global refugee crises.

However the UK is not Merkel's or the EU's 'poodle', nor is the UK at the EU's 'beck & call'.

This is a serious matter and one for sovereign national parliament
decision not this chamber.”

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